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Never rains but what it pours, eh?

The current lack of posting has been caused by first Jus, then me, being smitten by a chest infection - viral, so no more fun with antibiotics.

Jus is getting better. I haven't been, yet. The right side of my chest hurts when I breathe in. Sticky sputum. And, to cap it all, for the past couple of days I've noticed a hot, pink, diagonal line, feeling tender and somewhat springy, on my left calf, from an inch or so below the popliteal fold towards the centre of my calf.

I thought that I'd just knocked my leg, and that it would start showing a pretty bruise soon enough and go away. It hasn't. Which led me to ponder whether it was a venous thrombosis.

So I've 'phoned the lovely NHS Direct. They've gone "Oh dear", and referred me to the Walk-in Centre to get it looked at with advice that I may have to head back to University Hospital to get A&E take a look at it themselves.

Dear body, I know that flesh is weak and I am mortal — must you keep reminding me of that?
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