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An interim update...

Am back from the walk-in centre.

1) They're pretty sure that the chest pain is nothing nastier (hah!) than strained intercostal muscles from coughing. My pulse, BP, sats etc. are all perfectly yummy, so "If it doesn't get better soon, tell your GP."

2) The inflamed vein is, indeed an inflamed superficial vein. Probably not due to a DVT, though it'll be harder for them to determine so by testing my D-dimer levels because I was on Clexane while I was in hospital the last time. But they do want to be sure.


I've been referred to A&E at UHC so that they can engage in collective beard-stroking and "Hmmm..."ing. Friday night is not a good time to have to go to A&E, which is then generally full of ethanol poisoning and its consequences. I'm hoping that the referral letter will speed me through the system before more than four bleeding drunks - and that's not counting the doctors - have managed to tell me their life stories. I'm grabbing a pint of hot sweet tea, more books and an update to you all before heading off Walsgravewards.

More upon return (or see stgpcm's journal if I don't update in what seems to you like a reasonable time).
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