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Never mind the Inuit and snow...

And I'm not going to mention the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis,[1] but...

Thanks to the good offices of ljArchive[2] I've been reading through the first few years of my LJ, and I found a link that I'd posted in 2004 to a wonderful article in the Japan Times Online titled A torrent of rainy-season words. Even though the article is dated 2002, the link is still active, so do click and read it.

The writing part of my mind has slowly been filling up with ideas about culture and language, so revisiting the article has proved rather timely. I hope that it stimulates you as much as it did me.

Small health update: leg still painful, chest less so. Thanks again for the love.

[1] Damnit, I can't remember the name for this figure of speech. The one of saying that you're not going to mention something, thereby mentioning it.

[2] Windows users, if you don't know what ljArchive is, take a look here, and get it from SourceForge here. No Mac/Linux versions yet, sorry.
Tags: culture, language

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