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Lost in the system

Nobody called me from UHC yesterday. Jus kindly chased bureaucracy for me last night - Ultrasound didn't have my notes, they said, and could therefore do nothing; A&E didn't have my notes, they said, but Ultrasound did, and therefore they could do nothing; I should call the DVT Team after 9am today.

This morning it proved impossible to get through to the DVT Team. Ultrasound still disclaimed any knowledge of me: "If you're not on our screen," they said, "you might as well not exist for all that we can do for you. Sorry."

So. About ten minutes ago I got through to the DVT Team. And then... "Who are you?" they asked, plaintively. "We don't have your notes!" So I gave them my name, my hospital number, and then I explained all that had happened. "I'm feeling fine, now," I said, trying to be placatory. "It's probably not terribly urgent..."

"Oh, but it is urgent!" exclaimed the person with whom I was speaking. "Possible DVTs are classified as an Emergency, you know! A&E have been very bad in not sending us your notes, because without your notes we wouldn't know that you needed an appointment!" (She really did exclaim all those sentences, and seemed almost to be vibrating with righteous frustration.)

The DVT Team now have my number, if not my notes. They are attempting to book me a scan for today. I await developments.

And it's quite true; I do feel fine. I'm hardly coughing at all, and, when I do, my chest scarcely hurts. My leg is still tender, a little, along the line of the vein, but feeling bruised rather than painful.
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