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A busy day yesterday

Ran my "listening to Music" group at WV in the morning. It went pretty well, apart from the CD of various things I'd burned the night before refusing to play :( but people had brought in some of their music (including "Gurrumul", an album by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, which was excellent and which I'm going to have to get for myself!) so we didn't run short of music *phew*.

I spent the afternoon mostly doing admin stuff and talking with Sue, our volunteer, and Gary and Paul, two of the nurses.

Then off to the Britannia Hotel to meet the lovely tajasel, whom I'd not seen in far too long, and who'd been in Coventry for the NUS Women's Conference. We went to Brown's and drank lots of coffee and talked for hours catching up with each other's lives. I walked to the train station with Katie, then caught the bus back into town and then home again.

On Saturday we're off down to London. First stop Kew Gardens, for the last weekend of the Tropical exhibition. Then to the Coliseum for Adams's Doctor Atomic in the evening. And on Sunday, we're off to Kent for Charles's 60th birthday do, so it's going to be quite a busy weekend as well!

ETA: Katie quote from yesterday: "Mooncups are a Marmite thing." It actually made perfect sense, after I'd finished boggling :)

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