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UK GLBTO*/legal people - info needed

No, don't worry, I'm not in trouble! :)

We had a caller at Coventry and Warwickshire Friend this evening (I'm here on my first listening-in training session right now) who wanted to, and had been unable to, contact GLAD, the LGBTO* legal advice line, which (from the web listings and our records is:

GLAD: Gay and Lesbian Legal Advice Mon – Thu 7pm – 9pm tel: 020 7837 5212

On calling it, that number proved to be inaccessible. We tried asking London Gay Switchboard for up to date info & contact details, but they (oddly, since GLAD has been around for years) apparently didn't have a listing for them.

Does anyone actually know if GLAD is still extant, and, if so, what their actual 'phone number is?

Of course, it could just be a temporary line fault, but... still, it seems odd that a well-known helpline should have gone phut without any discernible (Googleable) evidence.
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