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Hot stuff!

Stuff about food, really.

A few weeks ago I decided that it was really quite silly and profligate of me to be buying Well-known Supermarket's hummus given that I'm perfectly capable of making it myself and that the recipe is almost embarrassingly easy.

Chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and oil are perfectly easy to come by in Coventry, but it has proven harder to find tahini. Neither Sainsburys nor the Co-op in town stock it ("There's no demand for it, dear..."), Julian Graves used to, but no longer... I haven't investigated Holland & Barrett, because I don't like them, and Drop in the Ocean are just yuppie supplement-pushers nowadays - oh for the good days when you used to be able to scoop your own peanut butter out of a huge tub there! Fortunately, Well-known Supermarket does sell tahini - hurrah!

Which led me to look for smoked paprika. W-k S sells it, but their version is much too hot for what I wanted, alas. Don't get me wrong: it has a lovely taste and colour, but I wanted to have more of the smoke and colour and a lot less of the fire, mostly because Jus is very chili-sensitive and I'd like him to be able to eat the hummus too.

So I did some general hunting around the web for chili-related information particularly for chilis with relatively low heat but excellent colour, and I read very good things about the Kashmiri chilis. The idea of growing some, given my perennial success with the Apache variety, is tempting, too.

I don't know if any of you have experience of They sell all kinds of good ingredienty things that aren't always easy to find, such as lemon myrtle, wattleseed, mahlab, sumac powder and gum mastic. And, hurrah, they sell whole Kashmiri chilis (in which I hope there'll be at least some seeds so that I can try growing them). And mattp may like to know that they also sell the Naga Jolokia variety, which is measured at around a million Scovilles :)

My order has just been sent to them: 25g of sweet smoked paprika @ £1.50; 25g of sweet Hungarian paprika @ £1.90; 10g of whole Kashmiri chilis @ £1.50; and 10g of Naga Jolokia powder @ £2.50 (I have to try it, even though I know that it'll be far too fierce for me and I'll probably end up donating it to Matt :>).
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