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So yesterday I get mail from Katherine asking me if I could come over to Birmingham sometime this week to finish up the rewrite of the Current Practice paper and to do another polish of the book chapter. I phone her and we agree on Friday, since neither of us have anything scheduled.

Yesterday I get a phonecall from the hospital. Or, rather, Justin gets it for me. No, they won't tell him which bit of the hospital (and it could be Pain, Orthopedics or Psych), at all, because he's not me, and patient confidentiality, etc etc. Hmf.

So today I get a letter and a phonecall from Psych, asking me to come in on Friday afternoon, outside clinic hours, for a specially arranged consultation with a consultant. Wow, that's quick, I only had my first appointment last Friday - do the think I'm likely to go postal or something unless they get to me quick? so I reschedule Katherine to Sunday, and accept the appointment...

And another TWO letters from Orthopedics. One apologising for my length of time on the waiting list, and asking me to confirm that I still would like an appointment; the other, dated two days later, saying appointments are available in July and August, would I please phone to tell them when I'm available? so I phone: engaged. Engaged. Engaged - and, being a number-with-extension, ringback doesn't work, so I can't let the system do the calling for me - and then through: to voicemail. So I leave my name, daytime phone number, and tell them that I'll not be available the last week of July and the first week of August.

Sheeeeesh. Nothing, then everything all at once. It feels like a logjam has given way somewhere.

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