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Status update and musical confusions.

1) I have a cold. I was due to be going over to Leamington Spa for a training day on how to make videos today, but given that I was feeling grismal and not wishing to inflict my bugs on anyone else, I've stayed at home. Nothing that a few Lemsip and paper tissues won't keep in check, so no worries.

2) Biting into a plum, I discovered that I'd lost a chip from one of my lower right premolars :( An apple I could understand, but a plum? It's not as though I bit down on the stone... so it's off to the dentist for me tomorrow morning to get the problem fixed.

3) My god-daughter-to-be is due to be born sometime in February. She seems to be doing very well, according to the latest ultrasound.

4) Having heard the Agnus Dei from John Taverner's[1] Gloria Tibi Trinitas Mass a week or so ago, I liked it enough to want Harmony Assistant to sing the complete Mass for me. Unfortunately the CPDL, my favourite place for getting free scores from which to work, had scores of only two of the movements available, so I decided to buy the score on paper and to work from that instead.

Allegro Music (not to be confused with the identically-named Allegro Music, who sell keyboards) turned out to be the cheapest stockists that I could locate. I ordered the score from them on the 13th, and it arrived this morning, nicely packed, all present and correct. They're well worth a visit if you're wanting any scores; they specialise in organ music, but they have pretty good general coverage.

5) All things considered, life is pretty good right now. I hope you're all doing well.

[1] That's the Tudor period John Taverner, not to be confused with the very similarly named contemporary Sir John Tavener. I know that Sir JT claims to be a direct descendant of the other JT, but having two homophonous composers is irksome. I propose, in the spirit of Clemens non Papa, that the Tudor JT should henceforth be referred to as "Taverner non Eques", which should serve as a disambiguator since knighthoods can't be be conferred postmortem, can they?
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