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Ache... weary... drained... not well.

I didn't wake up 'til after lunchtime, I'm so worn out. Couldn't sleep properly last night. When I did, I had George in my head all the time. Surfaced a couple of times talking out loud. Jus must think I'm losing it :)

Definitely got some kind of tummy bug. Urgh.

I can take a bit of a reparo break, I think, because lots of people are off to Paris, leaving George behind. Apparently there's a possibility we have a writer for Justin, who's been off in SF "discovering himself", so there's a possible romantic opening *snert* for George, if he does decide to see if boys work for him. I have a minor happening scheduled for George IC Sunday afternoon, but I don't need anyone else for that, so there'll be no post ping-pong, which'll make life easier.

I'm failing utterly with this last week's rediscovery contrib. It's not so much that I've been full of Reparo NRE-equivalent and not had time, it just seems impossible for me to do. Bleh.

Justin's (my Justin :)) great-aunt died last Sunday. I got a phone call telling him yesterday evening from his grandmother. 96, wow.

The psych appointment last Wednesday was good. Very good. My main psych, see, thought it might be a good idea if I had a look at the local day clinic, just in case it had anything I'd find useful. Thank goodness I've learned a lot about Occupational Therapy this last year with my work on the Parkinson's Disease research programme, because my previous experience with OT - many years ago, I admit - was old-school basketweaving and stuff like that. So I went along to the Tamar Day Hopital (why Tamar, I have no idea, because we're nowhere near Cornwall, which is where I think the RIver Tamar is, but there you go) to meet the team there. Had a good look at their "structured daily activities" timetable, and it's not all basketweaving :) The stuff they do on Mondays covers stress and anxiety management and relaxation techniques, so I've agreed to audition the Monday programme this week and see if any of it might work for me. They're very reassuring and not pressuring, and insist it's all my decision, and I mustn't agree to stuff to please them. It's got to be what I want. So I'll be there 10:30 - 3 on Monday, and we shall see what we shall see.

Oh yeah: the Tamar psych I'd be dealing with is a Dr le Kock :) he's short, slim, youngish, short haired, and South African with a droolable accent. I've resolved I shall fall hopelessly in love with him, and claim that transference to one's therapist is an integral part of the therapeutic experience :) Sometimes knowing one's Freud has its advantages *evil grin*

And so it goes, so it goes.

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