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Wednesday's clinical review.

Yay, that went really well.

It was such pleasant weather that my clinical team and I held the review in the hospital gardens under the trees, rather than all packing into a stuffy office.

Short and sweet: they asked how I was feeling, whether I felt my meds needed adjusting at all, how useful I thought the anxiety management sessions were, and my opinions on my clinical care. They were delighted to hear about the 'nice letter' strategy, so much so that they're thinking of asking me to write a short piece about it for the Tamar News, the centre's newsletter.

In short, they're so pleased that we agreed I don't need to have another clinical review for a month - the scale appears to be: every week, they're concerned; every two weeks, things are stable; every month, one's doing rather nicely. I can always ask for an earlier review if I feel I need it.

Go me, eh? and bless you all for being such great support.

*grin* Karen, who drove me to and from Tamar, sat in the dayroom while I was having my review. It seems she has the hots for Mohammed, one of our student nurses, who did my admissions interview last week. I have to say I rather agree with her :)

Oh, also discovered that Chris is Dr la Cock, rather than le Kock, as I'd previously thought.

The spine is still nasty, probably due to the weather, but it's nothing the morphine can't keep in check.

On the orthopedics front: when I phoned the call centre on Friday and sorted out that I hadn't received the appointment letter they claimed to have posted in July, they asked me to ring orthopedics to make a new appointment. I called them but got the answering machine, so left my name and number as requested. Since they hadn't called me back by today, I called them again. This time I got through, only to be told that they were quite irritated with the call centre, who, since I was a new patient, should have made the appointment for me rather than referring me to orthopedics; so they asked me to ring the call centre and tell them that. So I called the call centre. Who were continuously engaged all afternoon. I'll try again tomorrow. I have to say I feel rather like a ping-pong ball...

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