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Life at high speed...

Yes, I know I've virtually disappeared.

Yes, I know I owe people mail, calls, contribs, etc.

At the moment, I'm processing 107 handwritten feedback forms from the conference last week, building databases and spreadsheets, la la la.

It's hospital appointment frenzy time, too :)

Every Monday it's Tamar Day Hospital for anxiety and depression.

I get my next set of nasty back injection treatments on Tuesday 17 September at 10am at Cov & Warwickshire Hospital.

I get to see my new orthopedic guy on Thursday 26th September at 9.20am at C & W again. (thanks, Claire! xxx)

On Tuesday 1st October at 11am I get my first physio triage at Gulson Hospital.

I get another psych clinical review on Wednesday 2nd October at 1.30pm.

I get to see my shrink at 10.30 on the 11th of October.

Sheesh, all this getting-well's enough to make me feel ill :D

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