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Small hiatus.

I'm back from Manchester. A spiffy weekend was had, and Biphoria's Celebrate Bisexuality Day was excellent. Big thanks to mattp for making it possible for me to be there.

It turns out that BT has cacked Colossus - again - and we're getting about 35% packet loss from home, so I'm sending this from Karen's machine before I crawl off home to bed. Jus'll be putting in his "Mr ISP" hat tomorrow and talking in words of one syllable or fewer to them. Deities alone know when BT will get it fixed - this messup seems to have been dragging on for over a week now, it's just our turn to get hit *sigh*.

So I'll be intermittently available until things are mended. Bah.

Ah well, off home to bed, g'night all.

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