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What a fun day...

Jus is working lates tonight, so he got to take me to my physio triage this morning.

Yvonne, who did the triage, is really good. She won't be doing my treatment, but she's kind of responsible for me getting into the intensive physio experimental programme, so I'll be doing more assessments with her. She knew exactly where all my sore bits were, but she was really gentle and understanding, unlike Mr "stop twitching!" Shergill last week, so I ended up still able to walk after she'd finished. The only thing that (mildly) irked me was her insistence that just because I happen to be a bit epileptic I ought to be on meds for it, and she didn't seem at all convinced I was safe to swim. Sheesh. I get a minimum thirty seconds' aura, which is well long enough for me to do a length of a pool, let alone alert people I'm about to fritz out, and AFAIK I've never had a fit when swimming. Still, better she's cautious than sloppy, and I think I got her convinced in the end (good thing Jus was there to back up what I was saying, even if it did look like he was trying to pull my boxers down while she was examining me, which reduced me to blushes and her to giggles).

So I'm enrolled in "Back to Life" (guh-roannn) - 3 hours intensive physio/hydro/lectures in good back management practice twice a week for six weeks, starting 4th November. Yippeee!

Installed the new version of The Gimp for Windows, so I don't need to boot to FreeBSD for a quick userpic hack. All good.

Longish phone convo with Katherine - ostensibly because she needs her copy of the PDS OT pack back for a meeting, but really just for a good goss/bitch sesh. NANOT are making good noises about supporting our book project - they have a friendly publisher who's making "Oooo! want!" noises; all we have to do is rustle up funds so I can suck Ana Aragon's brain get down to Bath to do the knowledge acquisition. Slush funds have manifested, so Katherine's funding's secure until January; we should be being tipped the wink about the PDS funding bids middle of next week, and get the formal OK a fortnight after that, so I reckon we're good to go from the beginning of November. Woot.

All is zippy-happy good - now I just need to go and find a large envelope for posting the OT pack. *runrun*

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