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I get my next psych clinical assessment. This is good.

The anxiety course is finished now, and I feel like I've got a good grounding in anxiety management techniques. At least I don't feel so incapable in the face of the diffuse wibbles any more. I can do my rebreathing; I can do my mental stilling; if I can find somewhere to sit, I can do progressive relaxation. This is all good *nods wisely*.

What I don't yet have are some of the more situation-specific skills. I still have the envelope problem to an inconvenient degree; I still can't contemplate stressy meetings with strangers; I'm still not good at not tormenting myself with believing that the worst possible outcome must happen.

Ahah, I hear you say: that lad needs his confidence boosting. And so I do; and Tamar offers a Confidence Building course on Tuesday, starting next week. I'll have to see Jane (my Named Nurse) tomorrow to OK switching my attendance from Monday mornings to Tuesday, but there should be no problem with it, merely a formality. And this is doubly good, because Monday is now Intensive Physio Day :D

It all feels good. I'm nowhere near fixed yet, but it feels more like a long and winding road than a tunnel with no light at the end. Maybe some of it's the Prozac; maybe some of it's the good stuff I've already done. No matter what, it's all good... and bless you all for cheering me along on this journey. May good things come your way too.

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