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Accomplishment proceeds

Finished quickbetaing of KS7 for queerasjohn. This is good.

Halfway through doing Katherine's rewrite.

The Dunstable project is *glow* ten pieces away from completion of the first iteration - that's if I don't do the 'uncertain authorship' and 'fragmentary' works, which would add maybe another ten at most. Then comes the slow slow slog of nitpicking editing, which, given that I work carefully, shouldn't be too arduous; and then the rendering out to MP3 format. Ah, what next - the complete 'Eton Choirbook?' the complete Old Hall manuscript? Or should I pick another relatively obscure composer and do the Complete Works again? *sigh* If I had money... the MB volumes are about 80 quid each, and barring sudden windfalls or jobs, I'll have to rely on what the Library has in stock.

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