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Muddle-headed Kay

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A new meme that Griff and I are starting

Ten things I value in myself

1) Acceptance. That I can distinguish what I want from what's actually good for people.
2) Gentleness. That, knowing people hurt plenty already, I'm unwilling to increase their load.
3) Understanding. That I can hear what people are saying without a need to impose my own interpretation on their words.
4) Courage. That, even in the face of the worst that's happened so far, I still won't write off tomorrow.
5) Creativity. That my words can touch people with a brief magic.
6) Patience. That I can be content to let things happen in their own good time, and know that fruit ripens best in its due season.
7) Skill. That I know my talents and appreciate them. That I can and will use them to make life better for people.
8) Experience. That I have lived, and lived richly, and seen and heard so much, and can tell of it.
9) Openness. That I won't refuse to listen to what you tell me, even if I may need to call for a timeout to process things, and I'll have thought long and hard before I refuse to tell you anything.
10) My self. That I'm not just a collection of my properties, good and bad, but am Me, unique and irreplaceable.

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