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Getting to Katherine's was, shall we say, eventful.

Set off about half-past two. Just missed the bus. Waited. Caught the next bus. Took a slow limp to the bank, praying quietly that my account would actually have some money in it, otherwise I'd have just enough to catch the bus straight back home.

It did. Trundled to the station. Got waylaid by a Friends of the Earth person who wanted me to become a member via standing order. I asked if I could have a SO form to fill in later, as I really needed to get my ticket and the next train. Apparently not: they won't give them out. I think I'm going to have a word with FoE about that.

As a consequence, missed the train. The next train got suddenly cancelled due to "adverse conditions in Nuneaton" - whatever that might mean. So, another wait for the train after that. Got on the train, was well past Birmingham International when the train halted. We hung around for a while, with no explanation given, and then set off again. Out of New Street Station to get a taxi.

The taxi driver got lost. Not only had he not heard, seemingly, of the road on which Katherine lives, but, as I realised with mounting horror, he wasn't exactly sure of the area...

Ah well, I got there eventually. And that's what mattered.

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