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Doing pretty OK, really.

Been a long day (yeah, look at the time, right). Two papers to finish for the 3rd World Congress in Neurological Rehabilitation, which will be in Venice next April. If I'm a really good boy, Katherine may take me along to help present.

Well, only the abstracts needed doing by Friday, but I always find it's easier to do the abstract after the paper, so I did the papers :)

Ah, the joys of abbrev mode. Who needs to type "occupational therapy" and "Parkinson's disease" and "Delphi survey" when OT, PD and DS can be autoexpanded?

Still thinking about the best way to set up an online PDOT community. Hmrm. Problem with OTs is that they're (very often) not putersavvy at all, so I mustn't scare them off.

Anyone know a decent, cheap OCR program? I have skedillion leaflets from the Parkinson's Disease Society that I'd prefer not to have to type in by hand.

So, hey ho, off to bed. Well, actually off to make Justin's early-morning cuppa, 'cos the poor lad has to get up at this unearthly hour to get to work.



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