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in most senses. The depression/URTI/buglet seem to be dissipating nicely, though for some reason I'm damn low on energy and creativity at the moment, which is irksome because I wanna WRITE, damnit, and the Muse seems to have flown off to Torremolinos. It does mean I'm sleeping more than usual, though, which is no bad thing.

More (provisional) Good News on the Ana Aragon book: not only is Colin Whurr seemingly really keen on publishing it, we've also had encouraging noises from Robert Meadowcroft, who's the PDS Research Director. Even though it (fairly obviously) isn't a research project, he points out that they have education budgets and so on, and encourages us to submit a formal application for such funding to the PDS. Plus we may be able to touch a couple of the relevant drug companies - they do like to fund nonpharmaceutical stuff, because they can point to it and say "See? we're not all about pushing our drugs!". Fine, they can salve their consciences that way if they please, I'd certainly argue that this end at least justifies plenty of means, and, as Vespasian said, pecuniam non olet.

An expedition to the woods this afternoon to gather blackberries with Mark, Louise and Alex, mostly to get them out of their respective mothers' hair, and, after all, it was a fine, sunny afternoon and I doubt there are many more of those to come this year. Very few blackberries, but many many elderberries, so I think elderberry jam, or perhaps jelly if I can summon my muslin, next week.

Honey, Bryan's parents' dog, is staying with B&K this weekend, as it's Bryan's mother's birthday today and the parents have vanished off to Hereford for a weekend of togetherness, so there were three dogs to walk this evening: B&K's Jess and Sophie, and Honey. I took Honey as, Karen explained, "She won't pull; Cyril takes her for long walks and he couldn't handle her if she pulled; even Louise can walk her." Won't pull, my arse. That's a ripped shoulder muscle that'll take a while to heal, *grrrrr* but never mind, it's not too bad, I can use the arm fairly well now, though who can say what it'll be like in the morning.

And so, dear readers, to bed. G'night.

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