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Next musical project, maybe

Hanging around with the lovely queerasjohn and his pals, albeit only virtually, I've been thinking recently about what to do when the Dunstable Project is over. Well, perhaps not when it's over over, but when it's into the notepicking editing stage; I like to have something to do bulk data entry for when I'm not in the mood for fiddling little parameter tweaks.

So. Tallis' Spem in Alium has cropped up more than once in our discussions, and I'm sorely tempted to make Virtual Singer (and in particular the RealSinger beta team) really sweat by giving it a 40-part motet to chew on. MIDIs thereof I have, so the bulk data problem is lessened (not eliminated, since some vocal lines get collapsed together in the best MIDI I have so far, and I'll have to untangle them); MP3s and CDs I have to test my ideas of good performance practice against; what I don't have is a score. The CPDL does a set of eight reduced scores (one per choir with the others reduced) as freely-available PDF files, which is kind of dandy; however they're effectively line-per-page, since the reduction takes up all the rest of the page, and printing off 8 sets of 30-odd pages goes against the grain, particularly as it means that about 3/4 of the paper will end up wastefully duplicated.

What makes it even more sucky is that I used to have the full score once upon a time *pout* but it got lent out and never returned, somehow.

I suppose I could have each PDF up in an Acrobat Reader window as I work on it in MA/VS, but working on a 40-part choral score is going to be ouchy enough without having to flip between PDF and edit windows all the time. All else failing, I'll do that, though.

Anyone got a score of SinA they could lend me for an indefinite time to work from? If it's needed back quicker than indefinitely I could photocopy it, but that in itself would be a drain on my poor shabby wallet, and I do object to wasting paper just for making it easier for data entry purposes. Alternatively, anyone who wanted to be utterly super and actually buy me a score would earn my undying adoration - then again, pretty much all of you on my Friends list have that already, so I freely admit it'd be a pretty thin bargain on your side :D

Anyway, it's just an idea and I shan't be even considering working on it probably this side of Christmas, but I'm just giving a headsup to my music-nut pals.

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