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A variegated day so far

Rainy, predominantly, with pleasant intermissions of sunshine, one of which lasted long enough for me to pick the remaining raspberries. These I think must be the final flush of the year, and, at 700g, that's not bad for mid-October. Hence there'll be autumn jelly (raspberry and elderberry) if I can find my muslin; not-quite-seedless jam if I can't.

Physio called - not to continue the saga of whether or not I'm entitled to ambulance transport to my 'Back to Life' sessions - but to tell me that the November/December afternoon sessions have had to be cancelled, and would I accept their apologies and defer until January? It felt nice to be able to sound magnanimous and assure them there'd be no problem, but really, after waiting over five years for effective physiotherapy, will two months more make much difference? I think not.

And so there's been a cluster of earth tremors today in Manchester - friendly *wave*s to the Manchester mob, particularly to mattp who I know was spooked by the one we had a few weeks back - and I revisit the BGS Earthquake Survey pages to discover that 'our' tremor last month has been upgraded to a Richter 5. That's pretty respectable for the UK.

My shoulder muscle's still badly ripped from where Honey unexpectedly tugged at me *sigh* I hope I shan't need steroid injections for it again. And *grumble* I've got the morphine sweaty-pukes today *grumble* and I've only had 60mg so far, which is hardly a hefty dose for me. Maybe I'm still not properly recovered from last week's buglet. So I'm going to go and lie down until I feel better.

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