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Kind of worried...

Jus isn't home yet.

The company he works for needed to do a midnight switchover at Telehouse in London (they're the big colocation provider in the UK), so Jus, as usual, got given the job. He went down yesterday evening. I called him about 3am, and he said he was probably just finishing up, so I decided to go to sleep. For once I slept pretty well, so I didn't wake up until around lunchtime. No Jus. So I phoned Bryan, our friend (who also happens to be Jus' boss) and he said that Jus was on his way back right then, having decided (sanely) to sleep over in London.

It's getting near 7 in the evening now. I tried Jus' mobile: no answer. I phoned Bryan, and got Karen (his wife) who unfortunately has tonsilitis and can't actually talk at the moment, so, with the good old 'one grunt for yes, two grunts for no' code I think I managed to work out that no, Jus wasn't there, and no, she hadn't seen or heard from him all day.

Couldn't raise Bryan on his mobile, so I can't check with him. The changeover is due to the company switching offices, so Bry's old work number is 'temporarily unavailable' when I call it.

I'm stuck, and I'm getting increasingly worried.

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