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Karen really isn't well. Strep throat at a minimum, possibly parotitis. She'll be at home alone (well, home with Alicia, but where's the difference?) so I'm going to have to ask Jus if he can drop me over here in the morning (eeeee! 6:40am at the latest so Jus can park his car at the local station and catch a train down to London for his training day) so I can look after her, pick the kids up from school in the afternoon, feed them and so forth.

She's on antibiotics, so I'm not dreadfully concerned, but if she's no better by Tuesday I'm going to insist that she goes to her doctor again, on the grounds that the organism's probably penicillin-resistant.

Progress on just about everything will be perforce slow. Tuesday's Tamar Day - assuming Karen's well enough to get me transport home in the afternoon, otherwise I'll be missing Tamar to look after her then, too.

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