Muddle-headed Kay (mhw) wrote,
Muddle-headed Kay

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So much for sleep, eh? or, kitchen!faggery redux, and a Fun Thing

I remembered that Jus will be working late tonight, it being Tuesday, and that I'd promised to make him some food to eat there.

Pasta in cheese sauce: nothing exciting there, really - except that I was inspired. I went a little heavier on the pepper mill than usual, and added also a couple of pinches of cayenne pepper and some asafoetida. That latter seems to do something magical to cheese sauce - a kind of insinuative supererogation much as truffles can bestow. I shall have to investigate further. Anyway, he now has food.

A thought struck me while I was getting white creamy goodness all over my T-shirt: my LJ Friends, as I suspect do most people's, form stellations. Most of you will have some, but certainly not all, of my Friends as yours too; unsurprisingly, since I've found some of the best of you as FoFs, and in a few cases as FoFoFs or even perhaps FoFoFoFs, I think.

I'm tempted now to pull you all into a big LJ snugglepile, as it were. Look through my Friends list, each of you, if you will, and find someone interesting there who you don't already have as a Friend whom you'd like to Friend yourself. Relax: you're all great, or you wouldn't be on there, and there are lots of you to choose from. Let them know, if you like, and tell 'em mhw sent you :D If you want to tell me who you found, I'd be delighted to know.

And now, REALLY, g'night!

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