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Not a good pain day

But these things happen. All it means is that I shan't be at the computer much; a good enough reason to lie on my bed, drink tea, read (though *sigh* of course I didn't manage to get to the library AGAIN today, so I'm actually forced to the expedient of re-reading books! the horror! the curse of the retentive memory!), and plan SD goodness.

While you're all doing the "Tell me what you think of me" quizlet, I suppose I'll pop in another from cuthere to tell you a few things about me.

I am not: particularly hungry at the moment, though my mind tells me that I should probably be doing the eating thing before too long

I love: the smell that rain releases from sun-baked stones

I hate: thinking about what might go wrong

I fear: uncontrollableness, helplessness and injustice

I hope: that my pessimism is the result of inappropriate thinking, and not prescience

I hear: fireworks going off outside

I crave: some kinds of security

I regret: how poorly I live up to my ideals

I cry: when I am helpless

I care: but never enough, somehow

I always: put my arms through my T-shirt before my head

I believe: that I am actually much safer than I feel

I feel alone: when I'm alone, but that doesn't usually equate to feeling lonely

I listen: carefully

I hide: how much you mean to me

I drive: nothing

I sing: a lot of the time

I dance: not at all. My body won't let me

I write: whatever comes into my head, for pleasure; whatever is necessary, for work

I play: music, games, up, ball, around, with myself, the game

I miss: the things I leave behind me

I search: for better questions

I learn: that people would generally rather have answers

I feel: mighty real

I know: that due to too much 'Messiah' I have a mad impulse to follow those words with 'that my Redeemer liveth', and to start belting it out

I say: not one thousandth of the things I think

I succeed: but I don't swallow

I dream: infuriatingly. There's stuff I know that I know in there that's vanished by the time I wake up

I wonder: what the use of the tonguerolling trait may be

I want: less effort, more reward

I have: more than I need already

I give: what I can

I fell: out of bed and broke my leg once

I fight: when pushed, when endangered. I give fair warning first

I need: a bath with lots of almond milk and jasmine essence

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