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Ow, redux

Voice grunting and squeaking like a 14-y/o boy's, so resolving to rest throat as much as possible. Thank goodness for this.

Tomato/tuna thing quite superb. It's going to be a pasta sauce, after all, but I'll be sticking it in the freezer for later, since Jus already had a tomato/tunaey thing and is going to have salad tomorrow. Mixed leaves, rice, maybe some smoked salmon, and my special home-made dressing.

Just opened an envelope revealing that I have an MRI appointment at the end of this month. So much for Mr Arrogant Bastard Shergill's prediction that I'd be sitting on the waiting list for a year: I make that a month and a half. Yay, the NHS! so I'll go and see my nice pain bod next week, get my MRI, and then tell Mr ABS where to shove his proprietorial attitude.

And so to bed. G'night all...

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