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A good day!

I didn't get much sleep last night - I think I really ended up getting only a couple of solid hours between about 9am and noon. But no matter, I woke pretty well refreshed.

The throat really wasn't any better, nor my temperature (38.5 Celsius), but whatthehell, toujours gai, Archy. Bimbled off into town with stgpcm to lose my Inspire virginity; mrph and _gh0st_ were already there, so we spent some time catching up on such of the Whitby goss as isn't fit to commit to LJ. mistdog and Steve arrived, foodage and drinkage ensued, and we ended up discussing LJ, of course. Steve did the "Not for me" thing about LJ that I did shortly before becoming ensnared (it must be nearly my first anniversary now), even after I'd pointed out that it was by the wonderful magic of LJ that I'd met machupicchu and been able to discuss the delights of Mercia House - BTW, machupicchu, Inspire is at the base of the third spire of the Coventry skyline (the one you can't see on that photograph) the other two being the Old Cathedral and Holy Trinity. I didn't get to walk past Mercia House today, though I passed within 250 yards of it. And I thought of you. Everyone being fed and watered, Steve and Jon pootled off, and the rest of us went to raid an ATM to reimburse Jus, then he and I split off to go to the library, and James and Andy went shopping.

You know what they say about us: we recruit! so by the time Jus and I had made it back home from Bryan and Karen's this evening, Steve had become zarbi. Heh.

Jus to bed early tonight, since he'll have to go down to London to poke a box at Telehouse again, and I to comment in various people's LJs, have a long talk with griffen, write this entry, and then potter off to bed myself with a Judith Cook novel, Murder at the Rose.

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