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And so.

One hothothot bath later, with lots of basil oil and a splish of ylangylang, I'm feeling somewhat restored. Still can't talk worth a damn.

Now I have to deal with the fact that I haven't eaten today (nor, truth be told, much yesterday - I think yesterday's meals amounted to a slice of toast and a bowl of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce. Before anyone growls at me, I really don't think that I physically could have eaten any more than that. I feel like I need nutrition, not just food, to fight this bug off, so I'm doing a monster chicken and vegetable soup. There's got to be minerals and vitamins in that, right? not to mention the half-bulb of garlic. I'm in garlic mode today.

I wanted to do reparo tonight, but while the spirit's willing, the flesh is bloody weak. Bah. I have much plottery in hand. Still, it can simmer a while longer.

Oh, and in case certain people are reading this: I have one thing to say to you.

Stiffy! Stiffy! Stiffy stiffy stiffy!

That is all :D

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