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Still sick.

Working on getting better, though.

Went to see my pain bod today. Told him that Shergill was insisting I see one or the other of them, and he grinned, and commented "Professional jealousy, eh?"

I like that.

Plan agreed today is that I get my MRI in a couple of weeks, ask them to route a copy of the results to him as well as to Shergill, and he and I will have an appointment in three months' time to discuss results and decide on a treatment plan. He admits there's stuff that Shergill can do that he can't - mostly the radical surgery end - and stuff he does that Shergill doesn't (like the facet joint stuff, spinal blocks, and diathermy), so which of us it turns out that I'd be better off seeing won't be clear until the MRI results are in, so I'm definitely not choosing between them until that time's over. I hope I can stay with Dr Walker, though - he treats me like a person, not a back.

Anyway, to bed - I have a shrink appointment tomorrow am and must therefore be awake way too early :(

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