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Back from roleplaying.

Was good. Only _gh0st_ and drivenapart could make it, and they had to go pretty early, and I was fairly late, but all that taken into account it was good. We're making progress. I so want to be able to use the line "Barkeep! this wino's corked!" :)

The back is grim tonight. More morphine shall be taken.

Poor Jus has caught my chest/nose bug thing, so he's the new incarnation of Mr Mucus. I shall be putting him to bed pronto. Then I need to grab something to eat, more meds, fluids, wait for them to kick in, then some online RP stuff that needs seeing to.

There may even be some reparo if I can keep going.

*pouts at fog* It's Leonids night tonight, and the sky's decided that it likes being about a metre off ground level. No obs tonight unless things clear dramatically.

And a shoutout to the lovely xlerb! He's been assimilated at long last. porcinea, xlerb... all the holdouts are crumbling. I'll expect to see a FluffKitten LJ in no time :D

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