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Kind of thoughtful.

The back is being slow in settling down to its normal level of ouchiness. I can sit for about five minutes at a time, no longer. Then I have to stand up and limp around, or lie down. Computer usage is thus highly bursty.

Katherine's dislocated her shoulder again, silly wench.

I had a bit of an epiphany this afternoon, which may be going some way to explain the origins of some of my nastier psychological problems. Something I'd managed to forget that happened just before this cluster of crapness started kicking in. Even if it's an explanation, though, it doesn't reveal anything that would help me remedy it (apart from fuelling intense revenge-fantasies, which is Not Good). Can't talk about it yet, I need to process more.

A Cambridge visit becomes ever more enticing :D

Sometimes a spoonful of Nutella is necessary.

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