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These fragments I have shored against my ruins

Muddle-headed Kay
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  • MuddleWombat
A guy, though from my writing of difficultly discernible gender, with a few regrets who hasn't yet written any X Files slash. My fairly gender-ambiguous forename of choice probably makes discerning my gender more difficult, though that has no connexion with why I use it: I don't like the name my parents gave me.

Why mhw? It's short for the Muddle-headed Wombat, the protagonist of Ruth Park's eponymous children's books, which I love. I'm very fond of wombats, as you may see from several of my userpics. Wombat is one of my totems; I've loved wombats since I was very young, and I'd love one as a pet, despite the difficulties.

Cheese is a Good Thing, too: I like them all, pretty much, apart from Gjetost, which I loathe.

For employment I'm currently a technical writer and editor, unfortunately underworked right now, though really I'm a research scientist. I know far too much about far too many things.

Contact details are here, if I already know to trust you with them.

I have a few Rules of Engagement that apply to this journal: please read them here.

There is also a post on the Care and Feeding of me which you will find here.

If you're interested in a psychological profile of me, my Personal DNA report is here.

I live at 52°27'5.09"N 1°30'43.26"W.

a hill of beans, abhog, abiku, ablative constructions, astereopsia, banjax, being a rampante flirtebeeste, being obstinately english, bill clayton, boustrophedon, bumblepuppies, catamites, chiasma, cilantro is nasty, cleft finches, cockmongering, conductus, discantus, epilepsy auras, fauxbourdon, gamma globulins, hapax legomena, harpocrates, helminths, hendiadys, holborne, idioglossia, improbable research, isorhythm, jardinieres, kingdom of loathing, kvass, lime-hounds, magical sciences, maieusis, manteomancy, matthew bartholomew, mhw, muddle-headed wombat, naevi, nice cup of tea, non-sexual intimacy, oboli, onychophora, pastamancery, penis expertise, phenomenalism, philtrums, piripiri, qntal, quamoclits, recipe whoring, redaction, saxhorns, saxitoxin, sexual axolotls, t00bing, tarlatan, the phantom cockmonger, the wurst prinzip, thoth, tyromancy, ullage, verd antique, virelais, wasp honey, weelkes, wherries, xysti, yellow ink, yonmei, zygomatic arches